K9Zap Quart

K9 Zap is an all natural solution for maximum waste degradation. Our exclusive blend of bio-engineered bacteria is radically different from any other product available on the market.

It has the ability to withstand high temperatures (up to 200o F) and is resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach and high acid or alkaline conditions. K9 Zap is non-toxic and certified salmonella free, non-pathogenic, and contains only naturally occurring bacteria that reduce BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) up to 80% within 5 days of initial application.

Great For:

• Dog Runs
• Dog Parks
• Vet Clinics
• Artificial Turf
• Potty Patches
• Natural Grass


Product Description

1 Quart bottle

Environmentally Friendly

Fresh Grass Scent

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