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The same turfs you love at unbeatable prices. As we design and engineer our new product lines we will occasionally list turfs we are clearing out. Take advantage of our clearance turfs as once they are gone, they are gone! Stay tuned as we continue to offer the latest turf line-ups and check back for new clearance options.


The Bermuda Series is a hybrid of olive green and field green Mini Wave yarn fibers that blend with green and brown thatch to give the ultimate natural appearance. CoolFlo equipped means that the Bermuda Series is consistently up to 15 degrees cooler to the touch making it exceptional for climates prone to hot weather. View Series Details


The Coastal Blend Series features a Mini Wave shaped yarn blade which, when coupled with the field and apple green tones, provides the most versatility to the touch and appearance. Along with the visual appeal, the Mini Wave yarn blend of the Coastal Blend is one of the softest turfs we offer. View Series Details


The Glacier Series is known for its plush field and apple green M shaped yarn blades. It’s extremely durable and low sheen, making it ideal for any front, side or back yard. View Series Details


The Laguna Series is designed to emulate the look and feel of the lush and vibrant glades of the Pacific coastline. This effect is achieved through the Omega shaped two tone blend of field green and dull olive green yarn that are soft to the touch yet durable underfoot, making the Laguna Series perfect for home yardscapes. View Series Details


The Malibu Blend Series features a Mini 3D Wave shaped yarn blade which, when coupled with the field green and apple green tones, provides the most versatility to the touch and appearance. Along with the visual appeal, the Mini 3D Wave Shape yarn creates a softer touch under foot making the Malibu Blend Series superior in comfort. View Series Details


The Mohave Blend Series contains soft Wave shaped blades and rich field and olive toned yarn. With a dense face weight and a 1 7/8-inch pile height, the Mohave Blend Series is ideal for any front yard that deserves a plush lawn.
View Series Details


The Natural Series is unlike anything that has been seen in the turf industry. By incorporating a brown colored Mini Wave yarn to the mix of field and olive green, this turf gives off a true homegrown look that is found across the southwest. 
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Diversity is the benchmark feature of the all new hollow 3D shaped yarn blades. This turf is both remarkably comfortable to the touch and stoically retains its shape for a turf of this height. It’s soft yet durable, making it the best of both worlds. This extra stability and deluxe texture is accredited to its very diverse shape. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the structure of the 3D Hollow shape deflects hot UV sunlight, keeping the color more true and the surface temperature cooler.. View Accessory Details


The Pacific Series is designed to replicate the resilient power and vibrant coastal green of the turf found on the Pacific coastline. This effect is achieved through the 3D Wave shaped two tone blend of field and olive yarn that are soft to the touch yet extremely durable underfoot, making the Pacific Series a top choice for home yardscapes. View Series Details 


The Santa Barbara Turf Series draws its inspiration from the lush, vibrant landscapes of Santa Barbara, California. Known for its stunning beauty, Santa Barbara has long been a source of inspiration for outdoor enthusiasts and landscape designers alike. The color combination and blade design features that set the Santa Barbara Turf Series apartView Series Details


The Sierra Blend Series boasts a unique blend of spring and emerald green Wave shaped yarn blades that deliver a hybrid appearance of rich dark and brightly saturated greens. Mixed with the brown and green thatch, the Sierra Blend Series stands out as one of the most dynamically authentic artificial turf products on the marketView Series Details


Although all of our turfs are pet friendly, we’ve designed one with your pets specifically in mind. Our pet products are engineered with safety first. Because you care about your pets, we have put extreme care into crafting the longest lasting, most realistic turf that your furry friend could ever dream of. Whether your pet needs to chase a tennis ball, chew up a dog toy or have play time with you or your kids, this turf is made for tough wear and tear. View Series Details


Whether this is the first time you’re picking up a club or you’re competing in The Masters, our putting greens are specially engineered to provide the same traction and glide that you would find on a natural green. Our Golf Series performs exactly as an earth-grown putting green would. The condensed pile height provides durability and is top of its class to ensure that you never have to soften your tread or ease your swing. View Series Details


They say you are only as strong as the ground you stand on, and when it comes to playing your hardest, you need a turf underfoot that will match your intensity. Our sport turf is designed for hard hitters and tough players, meaning that it will roll with the punches mark for mark. View Series Details

Boxwood Ivy Wall Covering

Ivy is a popular product for creating beautiful textures on walls. These 20" x 20" tiles go up with ease and create amazing visuals for any space.


Not only do we pride ourselves in providing the best turf at the most competitive price, but also in carrying the essential accessories that you need at a price you can afford. No matter if the accessory is for install, upkeep or entertainment, we have it all. This is the section where you will find install items such as nails, infill, fabric, glue and tape. Here you will also find upkeep items such as silica sand, TurfZap and rakes. And for your convenience we have also included entertainment items such as plastic and aluminum golf cups, flags and flagsticks. We've got everything you need. View Accessory Details